Adolescent Counseling

We provide confidential adolescent counseling for children of adult members and regular attendees of The Crossing (minimum 3 months regular attendance is required). The areas we address in Youth Life Coaching include:

  1. Regulating emotions & self-awareness
  2. Anxiety & Depression
  3. Family & Peer relationships
  4. Grief & Loss
  5. Behavior concerns & setting goals
  6. Developing character & identity in Christ

A parent’s support in adolescent counseling is key to a successful outcome and parental involvement may be required in one or more family sessions. Your counselor will determine what is needed in order to help your teen meet their goals.

Member fee for Adolescent Counseling: $55 per session

Regular Attendee fee for Adolescent Counseling: $100 per session

Note: We are not a crisis facility and do not offer walk-in appointments. If you need immediate help please call 911 or Burrell Behavioral Health at 573-777-8300.