A Bible Reading Revolution: An Interview with Tara-Leigh Cobble

Our new friend Tara-Leigh Cobble joins us today for a raw and open conversation about our relationship with God and what it looks like to pursue growing deeper with Him. Tara-Leigh is passionate about the word of God, and you all will be blown away by all of her knowledge. She is the founder of both D-Group (Discipleship Group) and her podcast, The Bible Recap, which guides you through reading the Bible in a year. 


In this conversation, Tara-Leigh discusses why she started her podcast and how it led to a better understanding of the Bible. We hope that this conversation encourages you in the purpose God has for your life. Tune in as we open up and get honest about surviving hard times, building friendships, and strengthening our relationship with God.

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Key Takeaways:

01:17 - 02:24 Introducing Tara-Leigh Cobble

03:11 - 05:13 Why Tara-Leigh created her podcast, Bible Recap

08:25 - 11:50 When finding tensions - Dive deeper into your relationship with God

13:02 - 16:04 Tara-Leigh's Discipleship Group

18:47 - 23:16 Breaking down barriers - Having a close friend of the opposite sex

25:57 - 29:10 Surviving the last couple of years with God

36:58 - 38:05 Prayer