Paul’s Conversion
Date: April, 2024
Early Childhood Essential: God is in Control
Memory Verse: "We are being changed to become more like him." -2 Corinthians 3:18
Bible Story Focus: Paul’s Conversion
Lesson Overview:

In this lesson, children will hear the conversion of Paul, understanding that God can change anyone because God is in control. Paul’s whole life was changed when he met Jesus, and our lives can be changed in the same way too! 

Date: April 21, 2024
Early Childhood Essential: God is in Control
Memory Verse: “We are being changed to become more like him.” -2 Corinthians 3:18 (NIRV)
Bible Story Focus: Saul’s Conversion Pt. 2 (Acts 9:10-22)
Lesson Overview:

In this lesson, children will hear about Saul’s transformation into a follower of Jesus. Not only did God restore Saul’s sight, but God opens Saul’s eyes to his own sin and helps him turn to Jesus. This story shows us that God is in control, he has the power to change hearts and change lives.   

Circle Time Questions: (Preschool Purple Only)
  • Show children a color-changing cup with water in it. Add ice and see what happens!
  • Light Switch Covers

Date: April 21, 2024
Early Childhood Essential: God is in Control
Memory Verse: “We are being changed to become more like him.” -2 Corinthians 3:18 (NIRV)
Bible Story Focus: Paul’s Conversion, Pt. 2 (Acts 9:10-19)
Lesson Overview:

In this lesson, children will hear part two of Saul’s transformation from Christian persecutor to a believer in Christ. Children will pick up from the previous week and hear of how Saul traveled to Damascus and met Ananias, a person God used to help Saul see again. Children will understand that Jesus, our forever king, can transform the heart of anyone.

Circle Time Questions:
  • What are some things that your parents ask you to do, but you don’t like to do? (clean room, come inside, go to bed, etc…)
I Wonder Questions (Snack Time Discussion):
  • Who did Jesus ask to go see Saul?
    • Ananias
  • What happened when Ananias touched Saul?
    • Scales fell off his eyes and he could see again.
  • Did Saul hurt Ananias?
    • No, Jesus changed him and he was baptized and loved Jesus instead
  • 8:30am/11:00am: Light Switch Covers
  • 9:45am: Blind Man Craft

Date: April 21, 2024
Unit: Worship
Elementary Essential: God is glorious: He is worthy of all of our worship and praise.
Memory Verse: "Praise the Lord for the glory that belongs to him. Worship the Lord because of his beauty and holiness." -Psalm 29:2
Unit Overview:

One way we might define worship is that it means to love something enough to build our lives around it. It’s what we treasure the most. Every human being in the entire world worships something or someone. That’s because we were created to worship! The problem comes when we love and worship things, people, or ourselves instead of the One True God. The Bible says we are created to worship the one True God—to bring him glory—in everything we do in life. That means we not only worship God at church, but we can worship him through the art we create, through music and dance, during sports and games, when we eat and drink, and when we serve others. We are happiest and most satisfied when our worship is centered on him. Kids will learn the Worship Equation: True Worship = Recognizing God + Right Heart Response. In this unit, children will read five Bible stories that showcase different ways people worship. They’ll identify what the people involved knew about God and how their hearts responded rightly in a variety of ways that we can worship God through as well (song, giving, welcoming others, serving, and obeying).

Lesson Title: Giving
Lesson Overview:

Kids will learn that Worship = Recognizing Who God Is + A Right Heart Response. They will read the story of the woman who anoints Jesus’ feet with perfume and her tears. This woman recognized that Jesus was the true king, and she gave the most expensive thing she had to offer him no matter what others thought. We can worship Jesus by giving all that we have and all that we are. Kids will decorate donation envelopes for a service project for Pistis to worship God through giving. 

Lesson Scripture: John 12
Lesson Objective: Kids will know that we can give our money and time as a way to worship God.
Lesson Application: Because all I have is from God, I can worship him through giving my time and money.

The Church: Believing the Gospel, Sharing its Message
Date: April 21, 2024
Unit: The Church: Believing the Gospel, Sharing its Message
Elementary Essential: God is Glorious: He is worthy of all praise.
Memory Verse: “Let us not give up meeting together. Some are in the habit of doing this. Instead, let us cheer each other up with words of hope. Let us do it all the more as you see the day coming when Christ will return.” -Hebrews 10:25
Unit Overview:

In this unit, students will learn that the Church is the community of all true believers for all time. Students will study the spiritual transformation that took place in the early church (Acts 2) and learn what it looked like then, and how it can look now. Each week, we’ll take a closer look what the Bible teaches about the Church and the implications it has on the Church today. Throughout the unit, students will learn about Pentecost, how God’s church is for all people, how God furthers his church, and how they can be part of God’s church.

Lesson Title: The Church is for All People
Lesson Overview:

When Jesus came to Earth, he broke all kinds of barriers and dividing walls. Because of him, both Jews and Gentiles were part of the same church. But that didn’t come without struggle. In this lesson, kids will learn that the Church is for all of God’s people and that one day people from every tribe, nation and language will all worship together.

Lesson Scripture: Ephesians 2:19-22, Revelation 7:9-10, 1 John 4:7, James 2:8-9
Lesson Objective: Kids will identify who God’s Church is for (all people).
Lesson Application: I can help the Church by loving, encouraging, and building others up.

Date: April 21, 2024
Unit: Judges
Elementary Essential: God is our rescuer: He graciously rescues us from our sin and the destruction it causes.
Memory Verse: “The Lord is tender and kind. He is gracious. He is slow to get angry. He is full of love. He won’t keep bringing charges against us. He won’t stay angry with us forever. He doesn’t punish us for our sins as much as we should be punished. He doesn’t pay us back in keeping with the evil things we’ve done.” -Psalm 103:8-10
Unit Overview:

Judges is a book about a gracious God delivering an unworthy people from the mess they create over and over again. In this unit, kids will hear how once the Israelites settled in the Promised Land of Canaan, they turned away from loving and obeying God and instead “did what was right in their own eyes.” Again and again, the Israelites fall into a cycle where the people rebel, God disciplines them, the people repent and cry out to God, God sends a judge to liberate the people from their oppressors, the people live in peace, and then once again forget God and go their own way. Though the book appears to contain one dismal story after another, it contains the Gospel as a long-suffering God of mercy continually working to rescue his undeserving people. It points us to Jesus—the ultimate Judge and rescuer we need.

Lesson Title: Gideon
Lesson Overview:

In this lesson, kids will hear the story of God using Gideon to defeat the Midianites. They will discuss how God saves his people using an unlikely Judge, a tiny army, and an unlikely battle plan to save an undeserving group of people. They will be reminded that God is relational. Not only is he with us, but he rescues us. God chose to work through someone like Gideon and is also at work in us.

Lesson Scripture: Judges 6-7
Activity: Students will share fears or fearful memories corresponding to the color of Skittles they receive.