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WBS Spring 2021 - On Demand Class - Psalms: A Bigger Life

Psalms: A Bigger Life with Dave Cover 
(Your people, your place, your time)

Join Dave as we listen to 4 selected Episodes from A Bigger Life Podcast. One of the most important things a Christian needs to learn is how to connect with God through scripture meditation and prayer. We read how Jesus used the Psalms in his own meditation and prayer life. In episodes of A Bigger Life podcast, Dave discusses how a particular Psalm helps us connect with God and then leads us in prayer through selected key phrases in that Psalm–a practice that changed Dave’s own life so powerfully that he started this podcast to help others learn how to do it. In this study, we’ll listen to four selected podcast episodes from the Psalms. This study is designed to enable us to delve deeper in learning how meaningful it is to actually pray the Holy Spirit’s words in scripture back to God.

So gather a friend or two and join Dave as he reads, discusses, and prays through these Psalms. This 4-week study is designed to be done at a time and place that works best for you. We’ll send you a workbook with discussion questions to be contemplated on your own or discussed with others.


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Registration closed on Friday, February 12, 2021